10 Anime Characters Who Could Have Prevented Attack On Titan’s Rumbling

The Rumbling is the most defining moment in Attack On Titan. It marks a turning point and the beginning of the series’ end. The Rumbling caused havoc and bloodshed on an unprecedented scale, with Eren Jaeger as the brains behind the operation.

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Though people tried to stop him in his tracks, The Rumbling still started. By the end of the manga, 80% of the world’s population had been wiped out. Since the other characters did a pretty lousy job talking Eren down, it led Attack On Titan fans to discuss whether characters from different series could have prevented The Rumbling.

10 Eren Is No Match For Saitama (One-Punch Man)

One of Saitama’s punches is enough to send anybody into a coma or even worse. Eren wouldn’t stand a chance against the One-Punch Man protagonist, much less any of the Jaegerists. Saitama could stop the Rumbling once it’s started, but he’d obviously be the ideal candidate to prevent it.

Saitama would start by knocking out the Jaegerists one by one and then gunning right for Eren. Even if Eren shifted into his Titan form, Saitama would have no issue taking him down and, consequentially, preventing the Rumbling.

9 Trafalgar D. Law’s Op-Op Fruit Could Have Separated Eren’s Head From The Founding Titan (One Piece)

One of the most useful Devil Fruits in One Piece is Trafalgar D. Law’s Op-Op Fruit. It’s a powerful Paramecia type that allows him to manifest a spherical space in which he can manipulate the physical makeup and movements of anything inside. He’s also capable of teleporting.

Law would be able to prevent The Rumbling the minute that Eren gained the Founding Titan’s power. He would use his Devil Fruit powers to separate Eren’s head from the Founding Titan’s body. Law could have also made the Survey Corps’ battle against the Jaegerists significantly shorter with these abilities.

8 Giorno Giovanna Could Have Put Eren In a Time Loop With Gold Experience Requiem (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Gold Experience was already an overpowered Stand to begin with, but getting pierced by the Stand Arrow turned it into a total behemoth in Requiem mode. At the end of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Giorno ended Diavolo’s reign of terror by locking him in a time loop where he died over and over for all eternity, like Groundhog Day.

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Giorno could prevent Attack On Titan’s Rumbling by doing the same thing to Eren. Even if Eren started the Rumbling, Giorno’s Gold Experience Requiem could have undone all of his actions and reverted Eren’s existence to zero as though he never existed.

7 Loid Could Have Infiltrated The Jaegerists, Gotten Close To Eren, & Killed Him Before He Started The Rumbling (Spy X Family)

Spy X Family’s Loid Forger, or “Twilight,” is one of anime’s craftiest spies. He’s mastered the art of deception and can disguise himself to blend in with people from all walks of life. On top of that, Loid is a master hand-to-hand combatant with impressive marksmanship skills.

Loid could have outsmarted Eren and the Jaegerists by getting into disguise, infiltrating their ranks. Then, he’d get close to Eren, learn about his plans, and bump him off before he was even close to busting the walls down and unleashing the Titans.

6 Light Could Have Written Eren’s Name In The Death Note

It’d be terrifying to think about Eren Jaeger in a showdown against Death Note’s Light Yagami. They’re two of anime’s most prolific anti-heroes, but it’s obvious that Light would have the upper hand. Eren isn’t crafty enough to outrun Kira.

Light’s first shot would be killing him with a simple heart attack. If that didn’t work, he’d write down some elaborate scheme detailed down to the millisecond to orchestrate Eren’s death before the Rumbling even started. He’d also give the Jaegerists the same treatment if they didn’t become fanatical Kira supporters.

5 Naruto Could Have Talk-No-Jutsu’d Eren Out Of Starting The Rumbling

The power of friendship has saved the day several times throughout Naruto. It’s primarily thanks to the titular protagonist’s innate talent for getting along with people from all walks of life. Naruto Uzumaki has talked down some of the series’ most notorious villains and turned them into worthwhile allies just by trying to see eye-to-eye with them, which fans have dubbed “talk-no-jutsu.”

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Naruto likely could have talk-no-jutsu’d Eren out of starting the Rumbling by empathizing with him and talking him down from causing such a widescale atrocity. If not, Naruto is objectively stronger than Eren and could swiftly take him down with any of his strongest jutsu.

4 Eren Wouldn’t Stand A Chance Against Mob (Mob Psycho 100)

Mob is one of anime’s most overpowered characters. Throughout Mob Psycho 100, he’s shown off tons of strong psychic powers and proved that he’s basically invulnerable to everything. Plus, he’s one of shonen’s most likable protagonists because of his boundless compassion for humanity, even after seeing its ugliest sides.

Mob could have prevented the Rumbling and stopped Eren in his tracks. In fact, Mob probably could have wiped out the Jaegerists before they caused as much damage as they did. Mob also wouldn’t stomach standing idly by as Eren plans a genocide, so his love for humanity would triumph over Eren’s twisted sense of freedom.

3 Inumaki Could Have Stopped Eren With A Simple Command, Thanks To His Cursed Speech (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Inumaki may not look like much, but his cursed technique is a deadly weapon. It’s so dangerous that he’s limited his vocabulary to rice ball ingredients to avoid accidentally cursing his friends. Inumaki has shown off just how dangerous this cursed technique is a few times throughout Jujutsu Kaisen. It doesn’t always work against cursed spirits, but humans are easy to command.

Inumaki could have told Eren anything with his cursed speech to prevent the Rumbling. During the Goodwill Event, he told Miwa to go to sleep over the phone, and she literally dropped to the ground and obeyed. Inumaki could do a simple command like that on Eren, or he could call for something more extreme like “Get crushed!” or “Blast away!”

2 Aizen Could Have Calmed Down The Jaegerists & Taken Away Eren’s Stronghold In Paradis (Bleach)

Though Eren’s Founding Titan was powerful, he wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did without the Jaegerists harassing people in Paradis and killing people who disagreed with his plan. Eren realized the value in keeping a group of fanatical cultists around. The other Attack On Titan characters put up a decent fight against the Jaegerists, but it was already too late, and the Rumbling had already begun.

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Aizen from Bleach could have stopped the Jaegerists in their tracks with his spiritual pressure. He could have calmed them down and killed them. His Zanpakuto would also be useful since many Jaegerists would have no choice but to lay down their arms and succumb to its pacifist influence.

1 Eren Is Hot-Headed Enough That Shinso Could Have Lured Him Into An Argument & Activated His Brainwashing (My Hero Academia)

Eren’s biggest weakness is his lack of anger management and hot-headed personality. Though it’s understandable to a fault, Eren’s way too easy to provoke. He’s prideful and always needs the last word. Eren is the perfect target for Shinso’s brainwashing quirk in My Hero Academia.

Shinso’s brainwashing is only activated after someone responds to him. It’s the perfect trap for people who don’t know how to back down from a fight. Shinso would say something provocative to generate a fiery response from Eren. After that, Eren would fall right into Shinso’s trap, and he’d command him to turn around, go home, and forget all about The Rumbling.

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