10 Romantic Anime Movies That Should Be Turned Into A Series

Fans of romance anime have been very fortunate in recent years with the plethora of anime movies that have been released. With each passing year, the anime canon is restocked with beautiful stories of love for audiences to enjoy. However, with so many poignant stories being told in films instead of shows, many fans find themselves wanting more.

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While the movies are near perfect as they exist now, there are a handful of stories that fans would love to see turned into series. Whether they wished to see more backstory or hoped to see how life turned out for their favorite heroes, many anime fans would be delighted to see their big screen adaptations come to the small screen instead.

10 A Silent Voice Needs To Continue

A Silent Voice is a heartbreaking story about the effects of bullying. Shoya Ishida mercilessly bullied his deaf classmate, Shoko Nishimiya. However, now that he is older, he hopes to make amends when he finds Shoko again. Although it’s a great movie, many fans hoped to see more of Shoya and Shoko’s relationship blossoming.

Additionally, the flashback scenes sometimes felt rushed, making many viewers feel that more time should have been devoted to the storyline. This movie deserves to be a series so viewers can experience more of Shoya and Shoko’s history — and future — together.

9 Fireworks Needs More DevelopmentFireworks 2017

When Nazuna Oikawa asks Yusuke Azumi on a date, Norimichi Shimada becomes jealous and uses a marble to rewind time in the film Fireworks. His goal is to ensure that Nazuna asks him on a date instead, but mishaps keep occurring to the couple as they try to run away together. Norimichi continues to rewind time over and over until he and Nazuna can get away without interruption.

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Fireworks is a dizzying movie with how much time travel there is. Though many would not want to watch the same episode over and over as Norimichi rewinds the day, fans would like to have seen more of the build-up to their relationships. Plus, it never hurts for fans to learn about what happened to the couple after the events of the movie.

8 Garden of Words Should Show What Happens To Its Protagonists

Takao Akizuki and Yukari Yukino meet unexpectedly when they both find refuge from the rain under a covered bench in a garden in Garden of Words. Though they never share too much personal information, the two bond while talking on rainy mornings in the garden.

Later, Takao discovers that Yukari is a literature teacher at his school. Though Yukari decides to move away, Takao confesses his love to her before she leaves, but is rejected. The two still share correspondence, though. Many fans feel that this movie could have used a series to learn more about the two characters and how they fared in their chosen careers.

7 Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop Needs To Show Smile’s Answer

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop follows a rising app star who hides her face and a quiet boy who works at the mall and writes haiku. They two accidentally bump into each other and mistakenly switch phones, causing them to have to meet again to exchange them.

Smile and Cherry eventually become friends and find a mutual goal of helping one of Cherry’s clients find an album he lost. However, Cherry has to move soon after their meeting, and his confession of love at the end left many fans wondering what would happen next. This story should be serialized so fans can discover what fate has in store for Cherry and Smile.

6 A Whisker Away Should Show More Of The Beginning

A Whisker Away is a supernatural film about a girl named Miyo Sasaki who transforms into a cat using a special mask. Though she enjoys her feline life, her real goal is to use the power to get closer to her crush, Kento Hinode. However, Miyo starts to lose sight of what it means to be human, leaving her susceptible to becoming a cat forever.

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This movie should be a series so fans could have more time to get to know Miyo and Hinode before they jump into her already having a crush on him. Additionally, seeing more sequences of the cat village is never a bad thing in the eyes of many fans.

5 Whispers Of The Heart Should Follow Shizuku & Seiji

Whisper of the Heart is a beautiful story of two teens who find mutual respect and support for their goals in each other. Though they get on each other’s nerves at first, Shizuku Tsukishima and Seiji Amasawa inspire each other to follow their dreams no matter what.

Since Seiji is in Italy for the second half of the movie, many fans were disappointed that they didn’t see more of him once he returned. Whisper of the Heart should be a series so that fans can see more of Seiji, as well as watch how far he and Shizuku come from their modest beginnings.

4 Howl’s Moving Castle Needs To See More Romance Between Howl & Sophie

Despite Sophie being put under an aging curse, she and the mysterious wizard, Howl, embark on a grand adventure of magic and love in Howl’s Moving Castle. Howl’s vanity is no match for Sophie’s stubbornness, yet the two come to fall for each other just the same.

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This Studio Ghibli movie is one of the most recognized, but many fans feel it should have gotten the series treatment. Having more time to watch Howl and Sophie fall in love would help audiences to see the affection these two truly hold for one another.

3 Your Name Should Show More Body-Swapping Antics

When Mitshua Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana discover they can switch bodies, the two find ways to help each other in Your Name. However, when a comet streaks across Japan, its trajectory turns out to have deadly consequences. Mitsuha and Taki are separated by more than distance in the romantically tragic movie, Your Name.

Despite this, Taki does everything in his power to save Mitsuha and her village from a disastrous fate. Many fans agree that this gorgeous movie could have benefited from being a series, so they could have the pleasure of watching Taki and Mitsuha fall slowly in love with each other over time. Plus, it would have made the twist all the more heart-wrenching when the time came.

2 I Want To Eat Your Pancreas Should Draw Out The Romance

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas is a devastating movie about the transience of life. The main character (who fans later discover is Haruki Shiga) and Sakura Yamauchi meet when he finds her diary in a hospital. The two become friends and talk extensively about life and death, as Sakura is suffering from a deadly pancreatic disease.

Though she does not have much time left, Sakura tragically passes much sooner than expected, as she was murdered. It is a devastating blow to Haruki and fans alike. This show should be made into a series so that audiences could spend more time with Sakura, and so they could see more of Haruki living his life after her passing.

1 Stranger By The Shore Needs To Tell Us What Happened Between Shun & Mio

After being ostracized by his family for being gay, struggling author Shun Hashimoto thinks he will never find love until he meets a boy named Mio Chibana who sits by the shore every day. Though Mio moves away for a time, he comes back, and the two men strike up a cautious romance in the movie The Stranger By The Shore.

Shun is hesitant because he wants to protect Mio from the hardships he faced, but Mio professes his love until Shun finally accepts it. However, the movie ends when Shun plans to visit his ailing father with Mio in tow. Since Shun had not been home since he came out, many fans were curious to see what kind of homecoming he would receive. This show deserves a series, so fans can see more of Shun and Mio’s lives together.

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