10 Vampire Anime To Watch This Halloween Season

As the sun sets earlier and earlier and the leaves begin to turn shades of red and gold, the mood is set for a good vampire anime. Halloween season is perfect for branching out and finding stories that experiment with vampire lore. Some characters may even serve well for costume party inspiration.

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Vampire stories are a rich subgenre that can range in tone from moody noir stories to blood-soaked tales of curses and strife. Depending on a viewer’s mood and their tolerance for horror, there’s a vampire anime that’s sure to get everyone ready for the spooky time of year.

10 An Unlikely Relationship Blooms Amid A War Between Vampires & Humans

Vampire In The Garden

Vampire In the Garden is a beautifully designed dark fantasy show that premiered on Netflix. The immersive story revolves around a war between humans and vampires. The main characters are a human girl named Momo, who hasn’t experienced much of life, and a Vampire Queen, Fine, who is hesitant about her position as queen.

Momo and Fine are brought together by an act of compassion and a music box. The relationship is idyllic and poignant set against the backdrop of their war-torn world. Fine feels a pull toward Momo because she reminds her of her lost love. Their wish to escape the violence makes them targets on both sides.

9 Youko Shiragami Is A Vampire Love Interest Among An Ensemble Cast Of Supernatural Creatures

My Monster Secret

Also called Actually, I Am…, My Monster Secret features a human student named Asahi Kuromine who struggles with keeping secrets. His weakness is challenged when he discovers that the girl in school who he has a crush on, Youko Shiragami, is a vampire complete with fangs and monstrous bat wings.

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The supernatural lore in this series is incredibly creative and fresh. My Monster Secret has a plethora of characters with secret identities beyond vampirism, such as aliens, demons, and werewolves who can switch gender in accordance with the moon.

8 Shito Tatsuhiko Is Vampire Detective In A Noir Anime


Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective is a ’90s anime that aired late at night. It centers around Shido Tatsuhiko, a vampire detective with a past shrouded in shadow. The show touches on a few different genres, such as mystery, horror, and comedy.

Shido is like the noir version of D from Vampire Hunter D in that he works to protect humans from his own kind. The series poster looks like a nod to ’80s romance novel covers, and the show definitely has a tone like the more romantic styled vampire stories.

7 Vanitas Is Dracula Combined With Sherlock Holmes

The Case Study Of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas serves a taste of metaphysical historical fiction and a splash of sci-fi. The animation has beautiful aesthetics paired with the gothic drama of a supernatural setting. Taking place in turn-of-the-century Paris, Vanitas works as a “vampire doctor” who uses his grimoire, The Book of Vanitas, to cure curse-bearers.

The story takes off when Vanitas meets Noé Archiviste, a vampire sent by his Teacher to find the grimoire. The Case Study of Vanitas is a promising new anime adaptation with a lush setting and a memorable supporting cast. There are several intertwining relationships and strong character arcs.

6 Blade Has A Mission Of Revenge


The anime Blade combines plot lines from both the movie trilogy starring Wesley Snipes, and the Blade comic book series. Blade is a sword-wielding vampire with the ability to walk in the daylight, and hunts down other vampires.

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The lore in this series portrays vampires as largely sadistic creatures who are allergic to both silver and daylight. Blade’s main mission is to hunt down Deacon Frost, who seeks to establish vampiric dominance over all of humanity. The Blade anime deviates from the movies in small ways, such as including several kinds of vampires that are based on Asian legends.

5 Draluc Has A Whimsical, Spooky Aesthetic

The Vampire Dies In No Time

The Vampire Dies In No Time features a Dracula-type character named Draluc, with purple-white skin, a devious smirk that exposes his fangs, and an iconic high-collared cloak. Like in Dracula, one of the central characters, Ronaldo, is a vampire hunter.

Instead of inflicting horror on those around him, Draluc crumbles into dust at any given moment only to revive himself again. The Vampire Dies In No Timeis a comedic romp that subverts horror tropes, making the vampire main character charmingly incompetent.

4 Ritsuka Tachibana Must Find A Lost Grimoire Amid A Conflict Between Vampires & Devils

Dance With The Devils

In Dance with the Devils, Ritsuka Tachibana is torn between the vampires and the devils. Both factions believe she can find a lost grimoire that can empower the user with the ability to rule the world.

Dance with the Devils is also a musical anime that features one or more songs sung by a character in each episode. The series has a strong focus on relationships and is a why-choose kind of romance where the main character Ritsuka has several suitors, all of whom are handsome supernaturals.

3 Dio Brando Is Both The Central Antagonist & A Vampire

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure chronicles members of the Joestar family whose collective purpose is to neutralize supernatural entities. Each family member gets their own part of the show. One part of the first season follows Jonathan Joestar, the second part follows Joseph Joestar, and so on.

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Dio, the antagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, is the adoptive brother of Jonathan Joestar — and a vampire. The way Dio becomes a vampire is interesting, as he doesn’t do so through a bite from another vampire as may be expected. Instead, he becomes a member of the undead through an enchanted artifact.

2 For Those Wanting A Slice-Of-Life Anime About A Vampire Living With A Human

Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood

Akari Amano and Sophie Twilight are the main characters in Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood. Their story starts when Akari is lost in the woods, and she’s saved by Sophie Twilight, a vampire.

What follows is a sweet romance between the two girls as Akari falls in love with Sophie despite Sophie trying to scare her off with her vampirism. The episodes have slice-of-life plots, like the addition of new vampire neighbors, a summer vacation that’s complicated by Sophie’s aversion to the sun, and a Halloween party episode.

1 Mai Vlad Transylvania Stars In A Slapstick Comedy

Vlad Love

Mamoru Oshii’s Vlad Love is a slapstick comedy about the vampire Mai Vlad Transylvania. Vampires are made by an exchange of blood in this series, where the turned human is then compelled to serve their sire.

Mai runs into a mortal girl named Mitsugu one day when she desperately robs a blood bank. Mitsugu is selfless and kind by nature, which is why she was in the blood bank in the first place, as she donates her blood as often as she can. Mitsugu ends up taking the vampire under her wing. However, their main problem turns out to be keeping Mai fed without turning Mitsugu.

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