French teachers and transport workers strike over pay and pension age | France

Street demonstrations have been held across France as schools and transport services were disrupted by the first major strike since Emmanuel Macron won re-election as president in April. Primary school teachers stopped work on Thursday, as did train and bus drivers on certain regional services and nuclear power industry workers, in what was seen as … Read more

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review: Poster boy flaunts its muscles

The iPhone 14 Pro Max refines an already solid phone and with its new cameras, it extends its lead. Should you buy it though? Apple has always avoided going for breakthrough tech upgrades on its phones and with this year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max, it is more evident than ever. The three big upgrades for … Read more

Chelsea’s multi-club network chief made plans with Crystal Palace investor | Chelsea

Tom Glick, the executive tasked with helping Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly to establish a network of clubs around the world, spent several months working on similar plans with the Crystal Palace investor John Textor, the Guardian can reveal. Glick, formerly the chief commercial officer for Manchester City’s owner, City Football Group (CFG), has been instructed … Read more

Liz Truss demands spending cuts in ‘plenty of areas’ of public services

Prime minister Liz Truss has confirmed that she is looking for funding cuts across the public services, declaring that there are “plenty of areas” where taxpayers’ money could be saved. Ms Truss’s comments come after the Treasury wrote to the heads of all Whitehall departments telling them to deliver proposals for “efficiency savings” in budgets, … Read more

James Webb captures a spectacular image of a sparkling galaxy

One of the first spectacular images taken by NASA’s new multi-million pound James Webb Space Telescope captured the universe’s earliest galaxies. Now, early analysis has zeroed in on one of these galaxies nine billion light-years away from Earth, and revealed that it is sparkling with some of the oldest-known star clusters, dating back to shortly … Read more