Rumour: Fans May Have Translated The Zonai Text In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Trailer

Image: Nintendo A brand new Zelda trailer always brings a lot of excitement, and there was an extra layer of jubilation with the newest The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer — one, because we have a name, and two, we have a release date — 12th May 2023! But what everyone is … Read more

Cosmic Horror Game ‘The Chant’ Generates Good Vibes From New Preview Accolades Trailer [Watch]

It’s not even out yet, but developer Brass Token has decided to get the hype buzzing for their cosmic horror title The Chant by releasing a brand-new trailer that focuses on the accolades from the previews by various publications. To be fair, The Chant sounds (no pun intended) awesome, and after the game’s showing at … Read more

Games for Lovers of Touching Stories

Video games, like movies, books or cartoons, can evoke emotions in the audience. Among the many genres, from deadly battles with enemies to funny and quirky adventures suitable for gamers of all ages, everyone will find something interesting and appropriate to their mood. If you’re looking for heartbreaking stories that could make you weep in … Read more

GFN Thursday: 22 Games Join in September

We’d wake you up when September ends, but then you’d miss out on a whole new set of games coming to GeForce NOW. Gear up for 22 games joining the GeForce NOW library, with 19 day-and-date releases including action role-playing game Steelrising. Playing them all will take some serious strategy. And build the perfect Minifigure … Read more

Sega has announced its first blockchain game

Sega has announced a partnership that will see the development of the first blockchain game using its IP. As reported by 4Gamer, the deal with Japanese blockchain company Double Jump Tokyo will result in the development of a new game based on Sega’s popular Sangokushi Taisen series. Sangokushi Taisen is a real-time strategy game which … Read more

Metal: Hellsinger Review: A Genre-Twisting Spectacle

From start to finish, Metal: Hellsinger is wholly unlike anything else I’ve ever played. Its inspirations are evident, sure – you’d be hard-pressed to overlook the DOOM-dashing FPS style Metal: Hellsinger employs, and rhythm games are hardly new themselves, but the way those elements are combined here makes for quite the sight. Replayability will perhaps … Read more