Devs show off how bad early game builds look after moans about GTA 6’s visuals

The GTA 6 leaks have gotten a few souls in a tizzy about the in-development game’s graphical fidelity. Otherwise rational people look at leaked gameplay footage from a project that won’t be finished for years, see the placeholder barks and Ken-doll textures, and conclude that, well, clearly this is representative of the final product.

Fortunately (or unfortunately if you were looking forward to an avant-garde, deconstructed GTA 6 experience) that’s not the case. Early builds—even early builds of beautiful games—tend to look rough, and to prove the point, developers have been posting screenshots and videos of some of the biggest and prettiest games around in their earliest, ugliest stages of development. Take, for example, this video of an early build of Control shared by the game’s lead designer:

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