Imu’s Island Killing Weapon Could Be Uranus

A weapon from the sky showed fans a level of power never seen before in One Piece, but it’s possible this isn’t the first time it’s been used.

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 1060 of the One Piece manga by Eiichiro Oda, available in English from Viz Media.

A terrifying new power shook the world of One Piece in the newest chapter as the audience got to see the complete erasure of the island kingdom of Lulusia. Imu, the highest sovereign power in the world, was shown using a weapon of some kind to destroy the kingdom that had recently rebelled against the World Government.

Bombarded from the sky, the island was obliterated, seemingly destroying everything and everyone in the area, including Sabo, who just so happened to be on the island at the time. It’s unknown whether Sabo has survived or not, but given his importance in the plot and lack of a proper send-off, it’s unlikely that he’s truly been killed.

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The exact nature of the island killing weapon is up for debate, but many fans believe that Imu used Uranus — one of the ancient weapons — to carry out the devastating attack. Uranus is one of the oldest gods in Greek mythology and the god of the sky. Just as the ancient weapon Poseidon was found deep in the oceans, it would make sense that Uranus would similarly be found in the sky.

The power of the ancient weapons hasn’t truly been shown yet in the story, but the outright destruction of an island is certainly one way to make an impression on fans. It’s possible, however, that this isn’t the first time the weapon has been used, and fans just haven’t been made aware of this fact yet. God Valley, an island that existed somewhere in the Grand Line, was the location of an enormous battle between the Rocks Pirates and a joint effort between the Roger Pirates and the Marines. Nothing about the battle is known yet, but Rocks himself was killed during the battle. After the battle was over, the island disappeared from the world forever.

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The joint effort of the Roger Pirates and the Marines isn’t public knowledge and is only known by a few people in the world — obviously, a result of the government trying to keep this fact hidden. After all, they’ve already covered up the events of the Void Century, but there isn’t a better way to cover up the events of a battle than to annihilate the battlefield itself.

Nothing else in the series has come close to showing the level of power capable of killing an island, so it isn’t hard to connect the dots from this chapter to the other events. How exactly the weapon functions and what circumstances it can be used under are still unknowns, but it will almost certainly make another appearance at some point in the future, possibly during the looming final war.

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