Is Aron Shiny? Spotlight Hour Rewards & Bonuses

The Season of Light is in full swing, and Pokemon Go Trainers can prepare for the next challenge.

The new season of content began at the start of the month and has already included several top events featuring Ultra Beast Raids and Timed Research.

And alongside the big stuff already announced, Pokemon Go Trainers can also look forward to the next round of Spotlight Hour events and Community Days.

The next Spotlight Hour during September will revolve around Aron. Here’s everything you need to know about it, including the time it starts, the bonuses and whether or not Aron will be shiny during the event.

Pokémon GO | Welcome to the Season of GO



Pokémon GO | Welcome to the Season of GO





Aron Spotlight Hour Date, Time And Bonuses

The Aron Spotlight Hour is confirmed for Tuesday, September 20, 2022, across all Android and iOS devices. The event kicks off at 6 pm local time, meaning that everyone can access it with ease later in the day.

The bonuses confirmed for the hour-long event include double candy for catching Pokemon, providing a further incentive for finding as many Aron as possible. Unfortunately for those hoping to boost their reserves, Aron will not see increased spawn rates during its Spotlight Hour.

However, the good news for shiny hunters is that Aron can be shiny during this week’s Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour.

This means that using Incense will be the best idea for those wanting more chances at finding Shiny Arons during the event, with the standard Shiny rate in Pokemon Go set at roughly 1 in every 500.

The difference in how it looks is more subtle than in other designs, with the shiny Aron featured in Pokemon go boasting red eyes instead of blue. These changes increase if you evolve shiny Aron into a shiny Larion, which has the same eyes but adds a green complexion too.

The shiny Aggron is the design that stands out the most, but it will be up to Trainers to decide whether they look the variant look or not.

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