You Can Buy Cheaper Nintendo Switch Games From Another Country

Photo: Shuang Li (Shutterstock) Given the strength of the dollar these days, many U.S.-based shoppers are looking to overseas retailers for better deals on products, and one of the best places to save money right now is on the Nintendo eShop. We’ve already covered how to buy games from other regional eShops so you can … Read more

My Nintendo Store Is Back Online After Almost A Week Of Maintenance (UK)

Image: Nintendo Update: No less than minutes after we shared the news that the My Nintendo Store was still down in the UK, it’s back online! Coincidence? Yes. Though we’d like to think we spurred on the store’s re-opening. Head on over there to take a look at it! Original article: The UK ‘My Nintendo … Read more

Nintendo Survey Asks Fans What Pokémon Games & Spin-Offs They Want

Image: The Pokémon Company Every now and then companies will send out surveys to diehard fans asking what kind of games they would like to see in the future based on certain franchises. We’ve seen Atlus and others like Capcom do this, and most recently it seems Nintendo has issued one, specifically about Pokémon. As … Read more

Don’t Worry, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Special Editions Are On The Way

Image: Nintendo Xenoblade Chronicles 3 got off to a strong start when it was released in July, but one minor setback was the delay of the special edition/collector’s edition in select locations around the world. Months later, it seems Nintendo has finally got around to shipping the fancier physical copies of the game. If you … Read more

No One Had Fully Seen Pokémon Cards Get Made Until Now, Somehow

Screenshot: The Pokémon Company Pokémon TCG fansite PokéBeach has secured quite the find. It’s an internal video from The Pokémon Company that shows, in never-before-seen detail, exactly how a Western Pokémon card is created, from their initial design to proofing and printing. And if you love those factory shots of items getting mass produced, you’re … Read more

Splatoon 3 Players Discover Sloshing Machine Exploit That Allows You To Splat Through Walls

Image: Nintendo The astronomical rise of Splatoon 3 was always going to result in players finding exploits in the game, but we didn’t think that one such problem would let you splat players through walls. Glance over Twitter, however, and it not only seems that this issue exists, but that players are using it to … Read more

Nintendo: Upcoming Splatoon 3 Patch Will Resolve Super Sea Snails Glitch

Image: Nintendo If you participated in the recent Splatoon 3 Splatfest, but haven’t yet received your Super Sea Snails, don’t worry – Nintendo is on the case. Apparently, there’s been a slight issue – where some Splatoon 3 players who voted and have viewed the final results have not received their Super Sea Snails. Nintendo’s … Read more

Nintendo Shares “Thank You” Message And End Credits For Dragalia Lost

Image: Nintendo / @DragaliaLostApp Nintendo and Cygames’ mobile RPG Dragalia Lost officially closes its doors on 30th November, and with the main story now over and services gradually being reduced, the Big N has shared a message thanking players for their support of the popular mobile game. On the game’s fourth anniversary — today — … Read more

This Deluxe Steam Deck Kickstand Makes A Huge Difference

Photo: Kotaku While the Steam Deck, Valve’s souped-up mini PC, offers a wealth of gaming experiences in a portable format, the lack of a kickstand has been a sore spot. Enter the Deckmate: A simple, plastic bracket that lets you attach not just a very handy kickstand, but also several other specialized mounting solutions to … Read more

E3 Returns On June 13th, 2023 With A Vision “To Reunite The Industry”

Image: ReedPop Back in July, it was confirmed that, following some uncertain years, E3 2023 would definitely be happening, and now we know the exact dates of the show: Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th June 2023. The once-annual event is now being run by ReedPop, which is behind other popular events such as PAX East … Read more