Celebrity supporters of controversial trans charity Mermaids gave it ‘unprecedented influence’

JK Rowling appears to have criticised celebrities, including Emma Watson, for helping trans charity Mermaids gain “unprecedented influence”. The author made the remarks in the wake of revelations that a trustee, Dr Jacob Breslow, spoke at a conference hosted by an organisation that promotes services for paedophiles who need professional help. Dr Breslow’s presentation appeared … Read more

Leaked list reveals Brexiteers and Tory donors due to get peerages

Brexit-backing Conservatives who supported Boris Johnson will be appointed to the House of Lords within days to reduce the chances of Tory legislation being defeated. The Telegraph can reveal the full list of political peerages that is on the brink of being announced by Downing Street, subject to last-minute tweaks. There are 15 Conservatives on … Read more

Bank holiday for King Charles III coronation will not stifle growth

Royal and military sources said that early June remained the preferred date for the King’s coronation, with Friday, June 2nd – the late Queen’s own date in 1953 – widely rumoured to be under consideration. Her coronation was on a Tuesday, with a bank holiday granted so that her people could celebrate on the streets … Read more

No need for Wales Covid inquiry as ‘world has moved on’, insists Mark Drakeford

Covid regulations were only fully lifted in Wales in May, after more than two years, with the legal requirement to wear a face mask in health settings scrapped.   In October 2020 Mr Drakeford enforced a “fire-break” lockdown on the country after a rise in cases, contrary to actions being taken by the Westminster government. … Read more

‘Slave’ clocks’ days are numbered as university decolonises curriculum

Time is up for the terms “master” and “slave”, a university has ruled, as changes are made to the technical vocabulary traditionally used to describe types of clock. Timepieces often fall into the categories of either an accurate “master” device or the “slave” devices which follow it, in the manner of multiple clocks in schools … Read more

Liz Truss speech live: PM vows to lead Britain ‘through the tempest’ as address disrupted by protest

James Cleverly, the Foreign Secretary, has likened the Government’s mini-Budget to “bitter tasting medicine”.  He also said he believes Labour’s massive poll lead over the Tories is a “blip” and that when the economy starts to grow “voters will start coming back to us”.  He told Times Radio: “We have seen over the last couple … Read more

Every blue eyed person on Earth is a descendant of one single person, scientists find

Blue-eyed people, take note, turns out you all share an ancestor, which is knowledge that’s sure to make the other blue-eyed people you’re trying to pull incredibly uncomfortable. From the little we learned during our Additional Science GCSE, we know that blue eyes are a recessive gene, meaning that you need to have two of … Read more

Liz Truss news live: Penny Mordaunt tells PM benefits should rise with inflation

Damian Green, the former work and pensions secretary, said Liz Truss has “probably not” got the support in the House of Commons to prevent an inflation-linked rise to benefits. He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “If people are already struggling, and many of these people will be, then making them struggle more is not a … Read more

time has come to take on European court interfering with migrant deportations

Suella Braverman will on Tuesday pledge to prevent human rights laws “interfering” with the UK’s ability to deport illegal migrants by introducing a new law barring anyone who crosses the Channel from claiming asylum in Britain.  The Home Secretary will accuse the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg of “mission creep” by “grossly expanding” … Read more

Bus driver who swerved in front of ‘annoying’ cyclist appeals against being sacked

A bus driver enraged by a cyclist in the middle of the road was sacked after swerving in front of the bike, an employment tribunal heard. Samir William allegedly became incensed because he felt the male cyclist had delayed the bus’s journey by pedalling in front of it. To bypass the cyclist, Mr William swerved … Read more