The 10 Most Expensive Manga Box Sets (With Prices)

Manga and anime fans in general often enjoy collecting items related to their favorite series. Some of the most popular items fans like to collect are figures, posters, clothing merchandise, and manga. Manga fans especially love to collect manga, although it can get quite pricy.

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When collecting manga, fans have two options: buying the manga individually or buying manga box sets. Box sets include the complete series and the box itself often has a unique design with some freebies. Prices may vary from website to website, but the fact remains that box sets are extremely pricy. All prices were sourced from Amazon.

10 Tokyo Ghoul Complete Box Set Costs $299.99

As one of the most popular horror and thriller series, the complete box set for Tokyo Ghoul will cost fans around $299.99. This series stars Ken Kankei, who was once a normal college student until an unfortunate accident left him a half-ghoul who now craves human flesh.

Stuck between the human world and the ghoul world, Kaneki must find a way to fit in with society. This box set includes all volumes of the Tokyo Ghoul series and an exclusive double-sided poster.

9 Sailor Moon Box Set 2: Volumes 7-12 Costs $325

Sailor Moon is the most iconic magical girl series in anime history and the manga box set will cost fans $325. This popular series features Usagi Tsukino, a normal middle school girl who one day becomes the pretty guardian Sailor Moon.

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Now, together with the other Sailor Scouts, they must protect the Earth from the dangers of the universe. This second box set will contain volumes 7-12 and will also include stickers of all six Sailor Scouts.

8 Revolutionary Girl Utena Complete Deluxe Box Set Costs $349.99

The classic shojo manga series Revolutionary Girl Utena complete box set goes for around $349.99, mainly because the manga in this box set is hardcover, unlike the paperback most box sets come with.

Revolutionary Girl Utena follows the story of Utena, a young girl who strives to become strong like the prince she met in her childhood. When conflicts arise at Ohtori Academy, Utena steps up to protect the Rose Bride. In this deluxe box set, fans will get exclusive color pages and a poster.

7 Dragon Ball Z Complete Box Set: Volumes 1-26 Costs $399.95

Dragon Balls Z is one of the best-selling manga series ever, as well as one of the most recognized anime. The complete box set will cost fans around $399.95. This series follows Son Goku, the greatest hero on Earth who defeated Demon King Piccolo.

The complete box set contains an exclusive double-sided poster and a collectors booklet featuring trivia, along with an interview with the creator of the series. There’s plenty of extra goodies in this set.

6 Bleach Box Set 3: Volumes 49-74 Costs $399.99

Being one of the “Big Three” 2000s anime hits, the box set for volumes 49-74 of Bleach costs around $399.99. Bleach follows the story of Ichigo, a high school student who has the ability to see ghosts and becomes a Soul Reaper when his family is attacked by a lost soul called a Hollow.

The third box set is the final set in the Bleach series and in it includes an exclusive booklet that contains an art gallery and an interview with the author, as well as a colored, double-sided poster.


As one of the best-selling manga series and cult classic anime of all time, the complete manga box set of Fullmetal Alchemist will cost around $589.97. In this manga, Edward Elric lost his arm and his brother Alphonse lost everything but his soul in a forbidden alchemist ritual that went wrong.

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Now the brothers are on a quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone, which can supposedly restore their lost bodies. In this box set, fans will get the Fullmetal Alchemist Novel: The Ties That Bind and a colored, double-sided poster.

4 Vampire Knight Box Set 2: Volumes 11-19 Costs $599.99

Being one of the most popular shojo manga out there, the Vampire Knight box set goes for around $599.99. The Vampire Knight series features Cross Academy, which is attended by two groups of students: the day class and the night class.

The day class, however, must not know the secret of the night class which is that the night class is actually full of vampires. The second box set will include volumes 11-19 and an exclusive art book.

3 Ouran High School Host Club Box Set Costs $603.99

Ouran High School Host Club is another classic shojo series and a cult classic for anime fans. The complete box set will cost fans around $603.99. This manga tells the story of Haruhi, who goes to Ouran Academy and one day finds herself forced to join the Host Club after accidentally breaking their expensive vase.

Included in the box set is an exclusive notepad that features the art of the characters. Fans looking to snag this box set will need to have plenty of cash on hand to complete their collection.

2 Naruto Box Set 1: Volumes 1-27 Costs $950

Since Naruto is such a classic and popular series it’s no wonder it’ll cost fans more than a couple of dollars. The very first box set for Naruto will cost around $950. This manga tells the story of Naruto, a mischievous ninja-in-training that has a dangerous power sealed within him.

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This box set contains the first story arc, which covers volumes 1-27, and includes premium items such as a double-sided poster and a special Naruto booklet. Those looking for the rest of the series will find themselves set back quite a bit financially.

1 One Piece Box Set 2: Skypeia and Water Seven: Volumes 24-46 Costs $1,000

As one of the most popular anime and manga today, it’s no surprise that One Piece would have the most expensive box sets out there, costing $1,000. One Piece tells the story of Luffy, who dreams of being the King of Pirates and is in search of the legendary One Piece treasure.

Box set 2 contains volumes 24-46, which includes the third and fourth arcs: Skypeia and Water Seven. This box set contains an exclusive 48-page mini-comic and a double-sided poster.

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