Trump news today: Donald Trump reacts furiously to ‘failed’ New York attorney general’s fraud lawsuit against him

Fomer president Donald Trump speaking in Ohio

New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing Donald Trump and the Trump Organization for engaging in “numerous acts of fraud and misrepresentation” in preparing annual financial statements between 2011 and 2021.

The lawsuit says the fraud was approved at the highest levels of the company, including by Mr Trump himself as well as his children Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump. The fraud and misrepresentation also grossly inflated Mr Trump’s personal net worth by billions of dollars.

False and misleading statements were used “repeatedly and persistently” to induce banks to lend money on favourable terms, to satisfy loan covenants, and to induce insurers to provide coverage for higher limits and lower premiums.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the independent arbiter and special master tasked with inspecting all 11,000 documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago last month cast doubt on Mr Trump’s claims that he declassified the files.

Judge Raymond Dearie expressed doubt about Mr Trump’s reluctance to prove the declassification and remarked:“My view of it is: you can’t have your cake and eat it”.


How a question from AOC opened the door to the Trump lawsuit

On Wednesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced her $250m civil lawsuit against former president Donald Trump, she specifically cited former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony in 2019 where he revealed that the former president fraudulently inflated the value of his assets.

“I will remind everyone that this investigation only started after Michael Cohen, the former lawyer, his former lawyer testified before Congress shed light on this misconduct,” she said.

The question that triggered Mr Cohen’s response came in 2019 from Ms James’s fellow New Yorker, Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Eric Garcia reports on the question and answer that led to so much more.


Songwriter hits out at work being used at Trump rally and compared to QAnon theme

The writer of a song played at Donald Trump’s rally in Ohio last week, which sounded similar to a QAnon theme, has objected to the use of his creation by the former president.

The song that played on Saturday as Mr Trump appeared in Youngstown, Ohio has already garnered much attention for its similarities with the QAnon’s unofficial theme “Wwg1wga”, which stands for the QAnon slogan “Where we go one, we go all”.


Voices: Trump and his children are in a lot of trouble…

…more than we ever expected, writes Ahmed Baba.


Jon Stewart blasts DeSantis over ‘d***ish’ migrant flights

Former Daily Show comedian Jon Stewart weighed in on Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis‘s decision to fly migrants from Texas and Florida to Martha’s Vineyard.

During his YouTube show, The Problem with Jon Stewart, he discussed the political stunt with writers Jay Jurden and Tocarra Mallard.

Graig Graziosi reports on the comedian’s comments.


Delighted reaction as lawsuit against Trump family announced

Mary Trump and actress Patricia Arquette led a delighted reaction of Twitter users after news broke that a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, three of his children, and several others, had been filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James.


Trump thanks New York Times for reporting on difficulties facing NY AG’s case

Back on Truth Social, former president Donald Trump uncharacteristically thanked The New York TImes for pointing out the difficulties facing New York Attorney General Letitia James’s case against the Trump Organization and family.

The full paragraph from the Times reads:

Yet her case against him could be difficult to prove. Property valuations are often subjective, and the financial statements include a disclaimer stating that they have not been audited. And at a trial, his lawyers will most likely emphasize that Deutsche Bank and Mr. Trump’s other lenders were hardly victims; all of his loans are either current or were paid off, some early.


Trump boasts he could end Ukraine war and it wouldn’t have happened if he were president

Donald Trump has boasted that the war in Ukraine “would not have happened if I were president”.

“President Putin of Russia is now threatening the use of Nuclear Weapons, saying ‘It is not a bluff’,” Mr Trump wrote on Truth Social on Wednesday.

“The Ukrainian conflict should never have happened, and would not have happened if I were President. But as I have made very clear for quite some time, this could now end up being World War III,” he added.


NY AG files $250m lawsuit against Trump and his children calling actions ‘art of the steal’

New York Attorney General Letitia James has sued former president Donald Trump, his three eldest adult children, and a host of companies, organisations and persons associated with his eponymous real estate and licensing business following a three-year civil investigation into allegations of fraud.

“Following a comprehensive, three-year investigation by my office, including witnesses interviews with more than 65 witnesses and review of millions of documents that were submitted by Mr Trump and others, I am announcing that today we are filing a lawsuit against Donald Trump for violating the law as part of his efforts to generate profits for himself, his family and his company,” Ms James said during a Wednesday press conference to announce the civil litigation.

Ms James said the twice-impeached ex-president “cheated all of us” by having “falsely inflated his net worth by billions of dollars to unjustly enrich himself and to cheat the system”. She added that he did so with the aide of his children, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, as well as ex-Trump Organization CEO Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization comptroller’s.


Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, commenting immediately after Attorney General Letitia James’s announcement today, says: “Our criminal investigation concerning former President Donald J Trump, the Trump Organization, and its leadership is active and ongoing.”


Trump lashes out in furious rant against New York attorney general

Donald Trump has lashed out in a furious rant against New York Attorney General Letitia James after she announced a major lawsuit against him and his children.

The former president responded on Truth Social, writing, “another Witch Hunt by a racist Attorney General, Letitia James, who failed in her run for Governor, getting almost zero support from the public, and now is doing poorly against Law & Order AG candidate, highly respected Michael Henry”.

“I never thought this case would be brought – until I saw her really bad poll numbers. She is a fraud who campaigned on a ‘get Trump’ platform, despite the fact that the city is one of the crime and murder disasters of the world under her watch!” he added.

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